Sunday, November 16, 2014

Head In A Jar

Halloween themed project for my Professional Futures class.  This was my first project using the Arnold render engine.  Had a good time with this one.  In the future I'll try to stay away from transparency using Arnold, extremely expensive to render.

Aircraft Update

Started to make cutlines a while ago and tried to figure out the best workflow for holding all the edges for smoothing.  As of now going with 2 bevels to keep everything tight.  The default bevel setting of 1 proved to fall apart when smoothed in areas where there was little poly density.

Recently I have moved back into 2D visualization.  This project has evolved quite a bit sense the start of the semester.  This evolution has brought different goals of surface details and form. 
Original Plans

 Still a few areas of detail to improve on/get rid of and a few areas to add.

With the end of the semester approaching I decided to work on something that I can complete before break.  So decided to scale everything way down and work on just the front mounted gun.

More refinement needed.  I'm thinking that the under-barrel area near the back could be a directional EMP or something.