Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Front Gun Model WIP - Non subd workflow

Model was converted to triangles when rendered.  It was modeled with little care for quads.  Edge curvature was created by beveling rather than subd holding edges.  Many areas still need more resolution to decrease edge star counts.

Current poly count is around 650,000 triangles.

Planing to run the finished model through zBrush's UV master and clean it up in Maya.  Learning Mari over winter break.  Going to match my geometry's detail with detailed texture work.  Shooting for at least 4 4k maps. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Head In A Jar

Halloween themed project for my Professional Futures class.  This was my first project using the Arnold render engine.  Had a good time with this one.  In the future I'll try to stay away from transparency using Arnold, extremely expensive to render.

Aircraft Update

Started to make cutlines a while ago and tried to figure out the best workflow for holding all the edges for smoothing.  As of now going with 2 bevels to keep everything tight.  The default bevel setting of 1 proved to fall apart when smoothed in areas where there was little poly density.

Recently I have moved back into 2D visualization.  This project has evolved quite a bit sense the start of the semester.  This evolution has brought different goals of surface details and form. 
Original Plans

 Still a few areas of detail to improve on/get rid of and a few areas to add.

With the end of the semester approaching I decided to work on something that I can complete before break.  So decided to scale everything way down and work on just the front mounted gun.

More refinement needed.  I'm thinking that the under-barrel area near the back could be a directional EMP or something.